Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

The State

December 18th, 2021

The previous ones respond how to govern itself, how to be governed and how to govern, she is this last to which we called policy. These questions made the air at the time turbid of the century XVII, that went when the feudalism arrived at its aim and began the State. The change of the theocratic government to the government of State it raised doubts of how one was due to govern in the Earth to reach the eternal salvation which always had offered the Church. It was in that then ones that centralized the state and little by little the force of the church lost to be able and was the common citizen, outside the ecclesiastic, who took the power in his hands to manage the Art to govern. The policy represents the key that in takes us to theory to the resolution of problems, but in himself it is also a weapon of double edge, since badly encausada it can take to unfortunate results. In order to speak of Power we must first include/understand its history, its background. According to Foucault in The subject and power3 more than to study the rationalization we must analyze the relations of being able through antagonism of the strategies. All the types of subjugation are part of economic, political and social processes throughout history.

These types of fights remain in the societies since, as already I indicated previously, from century XVII we have a new system of to be able: the State. The State has a totalitarian vision and is simultaneously a form to be able individualistic. Tenth that the term to be able designates relations between companions and to exert to be able are necessary mass media, and whenever one communicates this somehow exerting itself to be able on the other. The communication relations are united the relations of being able since they are joined to fulfill goals and objectives and is as well as this force is executed.