Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

World War Economy

March 4th, 2022

But work on some foreign orders is really questionable. The crisis is not only in Russia. In other countries, the problems no less than ours. And not only in the West, but also in the east. Now there is no money from anyone, all roughly equal. Think you have a dynamic economy of China has no problems? There is, moreover what. Jonathan Friedland often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Most of the Chinese-made goods sold in the U.S. where consumption has fallen substantially.

prc authorities announced that economic growth is not 18%, while only 8%. Such a decline has not been for many years. Well, our defense enterprises will have to improve the production of goods consumer, civil products. Work will be less, but I think that without orders, our defense industry will not remain. We have experienced a difficult restructuring, the horrors of 90 years, defaulted – and survive a crisis. Though it will difficult. – Do you think that the crisis will reach its bottom? And as long phenomenon? – By my calculations, the lowest point of the crisis will be March-April 2009. The program will start a gradual recovery, growth, and I think, to the end of next year's major economic indicators return to pre-crisis rate.

year skinny bull – Judging by your projected 2009 promises to be difficult. Year of the Ox will require us to truly bullish strength, endurance and perseverance – Year will be difficult in social terms, not easy for people, but very useful for the economy. After all, any disasters contribute to the development of society. Ever wonder why, after World War ii Germany as quickly forgot? This is despite the fact that there have taken out all equipment, machinery and equipment and the Germans have left virtually nothing to revive the ruined economy. Great stress on a national scale has become powerful incentive for rapid development of the country. Germany has had only two options: starve or quickly revive its economy. Chosen, of course, the second one. Or closer to the present day example of the Russian history. Remember the nightmare of 1998 and following it five years. In 1999-2003 was the rapid economic growth, falling inflation. These years were very prosperous for many generations. Now the situation is much more favorable than ten years ago. But again we need to go through a period of "skinny cow" in order not to lose the momentum of development. Fortunately, this phase should not last long I do not need to panic, panic – it is generally the worst that can be. You just need to be ready for the come difficult times. Warned in advance – pre-armed. We all need to tighten their belts, cut spending and start saving, as far as possible to protect themselves from dismissal. Must accept the fact that some time salaries have become so rapidly as before. All this will benefit our generation, because in the present circumstances the cost of production will decline, and its competitiveness in the market will rise. The word "crisis" comes from the Greek word "catharsis". And it meant not only "breaking", "disaster" but also "cleansing". Crises purified economy from speculators, and are powerful stimulus for development and improvement of production. And even though people are struggling, the economy as a whole still moves forward. In the words of Friedrich Nietzsche, what does not kill us makes us stronger. – Thank you for simple answers to complex issues.