Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch


June 12th, 2016

Resume of Ken Wilber‘s idea of what is pre-personal, personal and transpersonal and concepts of premodern, modern and transmodern, and the relationship between the ego and being. Spirituality, our true nature with Jeffrey Kane. Here we will try to define spirituality as an important integral concept as a way of identifying the essence of being human. Holistic vision forward as the centrality of the spirit, where they see children with spiritual beings. It refers to not confuse spirituality with individualism. We plan that we are spiritual beings trying to be human beings and to that extent as it takes on greater responsibility, the more vision and consciousness have (spiritual erguismo.) On the other hand, spirituality is a transcendence of ego, is not the same development personal development spiritual work in opposite directions.

Spirituality is transformative. The evolution of consciousness and cultural change with Ron Miller. The dialogue provides a holistic education that will transcend across countries despite the different ideological currents. We are at a point where it is necessary to seek new paradigms to respond to the reality we live. We need to create new educational models but being open to possible changes that are provided without being hostage to it. It is necessary to establish a new vision more in keeping with holistic education where in which aspires to have a more consistent, a more compromised. Holistic education needed to develop into a sustainable society, where the inclusion of development of spirituality. Gallegos provides three aspects of importance are: holistic education, society and sustainable development of the new consciousness, as well as the relationship between these three aspects.