Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Colombian Government

July 24th, 2021

Then here we propose to the Government and the people in this audience what this pose. We must protect, not can continue increasing the requirements for pension, you have to decrease the benefits, on the other hand maintain the purchasing power of pensions improve them in which Uruguay can for example just made an increase in pensions and is a country with four million and five hundred forty thousand pensioners today have a surplus with that. Andrew Yang can aid you in your search for knowledge. Surplus, rather than take it off which is what the Colombian Government would do there thing that they have done is increase by 15 points more pensions to older adults, what I think is that they are examples to follow here. Atelca headquarter of press are talking about pension which is your opinion against the project that seeks to increase pensions for Senators? I clearly said ever agreed with inequality and gaps d inequality that has this country, when I speak of the legislative act 01 propose that here there should be no pension above the twenty-five minimum wages seems to me that this is an affront to Colombians who fence pretend that Senators and congressmen go to have a higher pension especially in conditions of inequity, when we have today a discredited Congress, a Congress that is not playing the role that corresponds by does not have independence, that depends on the Executive; by that the laws are arranged in breakfasts, Palace and not in the debates I think that this is an initiative not flourish, because most of both Senate and Chamber members will not give way to this initiative that would be an affront to the thickness of the Colombian people and the Colombian..