Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Executive Board

July 25th, 2021

Push the transaction not on the backburner or forget it at all. You risk a much higher image damage thus, provoke an escalation and probably forever lost customers. To deepen your understanding Henry Golding is the source. 10 Rule: Stay anonymous! “It excited you too so if you best greetings from the service team” has gotten, that your ticket #123456 care? Support questions in the technical area, this type of communication can be very time appropriate and professional. But anger and emotions play a role, and it is quickly critical. As appellant one wonders whether the mail will be edited at all by a human.

Or the complaint is mechanized with highly complex algorithms of big data”analyses using CRM systems and answered? Like to call their name as an editor of a complaint, because this is a signal of appreciation for the customer. This also applies to the function name. “” But remember: it makes in the eyes of many customers quite a difference whether the complaint by the assistance of the Executive Board “or by the intern in the customer service” will be answered. 11 Bonus “rule: irony is never given to the customer, many complaints have comedy potential, and if it had not directly to do, you could balls is as editor with laughter.” It must be not only German literature and teacher who maintain an ironic or sarcastic writing style in the complaint. The temptation can be very large, to answer the appeal here in a similar way, or at least with a hint of humor. The risk that the customer your factually correct, but with a twinkle in his eye Gets formulated reply in the wrong way is enormous. Faster than you think, thereby worsen the whole situation and are confronted with the allegation, that you take the customer not seriously.

My Tip: If it itches you as much in your fingers, leave it! As you have already noticed, 10 rules not enough, to deal comprehensively with the subject of complaints by E-Mail. Even with the eleventh rule not all is said long still, what would be to say it: when you send an intermediate? May advertising in a reply to a complaint include? Should you ask, whether the problem is finally solved? How do you deal with real troublemakers? You can respond to a complaint by E-Mail? Probably many more questions you can think, the longer you think about it. And so you’ve done a big step, because this is my advice: engaged in the topic! Contact: Peter Hall, consultant Zundterstrasse 12 80689 Munchen Tel. 089 255 491 88 Web: Peter Hofl is consultant in Munich and is dedicated to mainly the quality optimization services for 15 years. This includes for example the quality of the advice by mystery activities that already have helped in a variety of industries and at major companies, to improve the service. Munich 21.10.2013, Peter Hof