Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

DNA Organization

November 16th, 2023

We consider it very important for those who are fully identified with the organizational behavior, to take into account, as the DNA found in current organizations, especially those that operate in turbulent, uncertain, scenarios as the Venezuelan case. Determining DNA is can diagnose problems, uncover opportunities, detect weaknesses, assessing the strengths and undertake actions that help to modify the behavior of the company. Learn more on the subject from Newcastle University. It reminds us of blogoscopiosociatico.com that the DNA of a company or organization, they are those traits that define the shape of work, objectives and means to achieve them in a human organization. However, if we develop premeditatedly, the DNA of an organization the question arises what benefits do you want to get?DNA has all the information needed to reproduce other bodies equal. Therefore in an organization it would facilitate us to play our Organization in other places or situations without the need for monitoring from above.The known DNA among which comprise the organisation helps make decisions in different situations without having to attend levels greater responsibility in each case. You should know that in the Venezuelan case, especially in the SMEs a large number of companies that present a not healthy DNA manifests and this has led many to failure, being also the reality that many managers have failed to tackle the causes of the deteriorating situation. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Rafeh Masood. It has also determined a disconnect between the vision that the executives of the Organization and the organization that really count have. There are also the symptoms that some have already expressed, as which staff feel overly directed, which have little space to execute actions. He forgets that DNA allows people to act with greater security and freedom since he knows and understands up to where you want to reach the Organization and does not have to check every time that what does is within the focus of the organization.The DNA creates an identity and helps each component of the Organization to understand it and to feel part of it.