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Dominions Point Ec CL Co Etc

November 16th, 2021

The dominions in a site, at the present time, if they are important. Either to position mark in the memory of the user or for search in finders of the network. Then a dominion whose name is one of the key words of your Web, to domonio is very disntinto that it is not it. Also a dominion of your specific country is important. No longer that runs that the dominions " .com" they are unique the good ones for having. Points EC, for example, are dominions of Ecuador. That it means this? Good, that google, locates for example them in search of IP of Ecuador.

Osseous, if you have a dominion " .com" and you live in Ecuador either rather you wish that your I publish objective is in Ecuador, is to you the more interesting simpre to buy a dominion " .EC" , it will position because you in the finder in Ecuador before " .com". If one, for example, needs a dominion especilaizado in directories doctors of Ecuadorian and for Ecuadorian, then, are obvious, that it interests to you that they see you and to appear in Ecuador. For it, you must buy a dominion " .ec". This, just begins to happen in Ecuador. It is already hour to begin a to buy and to use dominions point " our country (ec, CL, Co, EP, etc) " It does not seem obvious to them, furthermore? The other less important is not knowledge than hearing via finders of Internet to that you can arrive, because there are countries that just begin in Internet and then the publicity can be more interesting offline (it presses, radio, BTL, etc), so that the user, enters Internet and digite directly your page Web. Thus your objective market is major that the one of Internet, del that it looks for to you in google, is very small in Latin American countries. Like thus? good if we know that a country we have 5% of population using Internet just. Good, to hope that furthermore they find in the finder an important mass, it is noneasy task.

For it, it is not bad idea, to campaign strong advertising offline (outside Internet), that generates direct visits to you, digitando your Web, than the user than it sails more that already we know that they are few. By ex.: the case of medical directory for Ecuadorian. We know of the importance of having a directory specialized in this area, but no we can hope that it has many visits, without a parallel publicity that aims to remember the mark and to posiconar it in the mind so that they digitan it to the users beyond finding it like consecuencua to sail in Internet. I am kind to its commentaries and suggestions. Thanks Alberto Merello +593 9 6213440 original Author and source of the article.