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November 16th, 2021

In addition, self-priming pump stations are tank is divided into two parts: one reserved for the water, on the other side is under pressure from the air. If the house suddenly cut off electricity, do not worry – pumping station for some time to work and without electricity. The water supply comes from the fact that the liquid pumped into the tank through the air pressure in one part goes into the pipe, so as to drain back into the pump, it can not because of the check valve. Please pay note tank pumping station is also called hydro-accumulator. The presence of the tank to the pump station has the following advantages: – It creates the water pressure in the network, you need to work many points of consumers (faucet, toilet, bath) – Significantly reduced the number of on-off switch, so the extended life of the pumping station – creates a reserve tank of liquid (25-50 liters), in case of power failure, the house remains without water – No need to install the water on the top floor of the storage tank, pump station first sucks the liquid in the tank. After this pumping station is switched off. Pumping station goes into standby mode when pressure reaches a certain value.

Tap in the house opens out of the tank under pressure enters the water. Cardiologist may help you with your research. When the pressure in the tank decreases the pumping station to a predetermined mark, a pumping station to work again. If electric pumping station is overheating, turn off the automatic pump, it will work for a short time. Cools the circulating fluid pump station. Pumping station. Installation and operation of the first issue, which occurs at the consumer, “Where and how to install a pumping station?” summer in the country, the station can be placed in any place convenient for you. But there is one condition – it must be installed near the boreholes, reservoir.

Maximum suction lift almost all manufacturers of pumping stations up to 7-10 m. Do not forget that some of the pressure disappears, it arises from the friction of water against the pipe wall. The average value of losses is 1.2 m. The pressure on 414 Request-URI <a href='http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/blood-pressure-cuff-too-large'>Too Large</a>