Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Exclusion Of Persons From The SROs In The Building. Part 2

February 14th, 2022

Asked about the unconditional nature of the grounds for the adoption of SROs in the construction of the decision on expulsion from the organization members are invited to come solely from common sense, which suggests that at as inappropriate to exclude members of the SROs who, for example, the second time this year has delayed the payment of a monthly membership fee, but in the end it paid, and also reimbursed the partnership losses incurred in connection with delay. Such member of the sro must be treasured, rather than exclude. After exclusion of members of the sro in the building – a serious measure, not only for the excluded, but for the most SROs in construction, and therefore for all of its other members, as reduction in the number of members can lead to loss of the status of sro (see Part 7 of article. 55.19 gdc Russia). It seems that some in the gdc rf cases in which the sro in the construction of the right to exclude a person from their ranks, should be regarded as possible, but not an unconditional basis for making such an important decision. Every time there are such grounds, sro takes into account the specific situation.

In this case, of course, all members should be provided fair and equal manner. Safeguard against abuse of workers and controls in the construction of SROs in the decision to expel a member of the organization is enjoined by law necessary to raise such a decision by the general meeting of members of SROs (Part 3. 55.7 gdc Russia). For the democratic approach in the construction of sro and its members pay to aid decision making about the exception – to convene and hold a general meeting is required time, in absentia, such issues are not addressed.