Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Vocational Guidance

February 14th, 2022

“Go left and you will lose a horse. Go right and you will lose your life, just go – you will live, but a’ll forget ” – the choice of profession can be compared with the obstacles of Ilya of Murom. The closer the fateful hour, the more torn apart. That school had new representatives of the best and most promising “of the university town, get a higher education most logical to them. And, of course, should receive only the profession that they offer Here are the parents of the family dinner pronounce a fiery speech – in our family all the doctors (lawyers, engineers, builders, etc.), your duty: to maintain the tradition Here’s grandmother sighs – oh, how to dream that the family finally grow a poet-painter-musician and friends of friends as a conspiracy – all come together in a single university. Name for the company and promise to joke-laughter-fun all 5 years A teacher of physics in general attracts an easy decision – participating in the Olympic Games, and you immediately enroll. No Time Like The Future is actively involved in the matter. Let not the best university, and faculty demand does not enjoy, but do not have to wag my nerves Particularly compassionate look in his eyes and ask – and he somehow you what you want? And try to figure it out.

Do not underestimate this issue. Choice of the university – is not just a selection of gay hangouts, plums parents money or derailed from the army. Choice of the university – is the choice of a future life. What car will you drive? On what holiday resorts? Which designer dress? In what restaurants for dinner? – You choose today. Will you live from Friday to Friday? Will fiercely hate Mondays and the beginning of the workday? – Everything depends on your choice. But the problem of doing this is not necessary. This is not a problem, difficulty, which can be solved by experts of vocational guidance. You may find Jonathan Friedland to be a useful source of information. Because, unfortunately, not all of your peers will be able to distinguish the Merchandiser of the copywriter and decide on their own interests and abilities.

Okay, interests – this is the case can be acquired. But what if you have talent? A parent of the principle of “Keep it safe” and not “invent” and ruin it in the bud? So, in the classroom for career guidance is waiting for you: * Meet with the modern world professions. What’s makes money? What knowledge and skills in demand? Where is it taught best? * Your personal profession. In what area can you succeed? Which profession suits you best? Not Fear not, we will not leave you alone with a pile of tests and do not force you to decrypt them yourself. High-quality career guidance looks totally different! * Your journey to your profession. Enough to choose a profession – until she needed reach and enter. This requires a positive attitude, confidence, awareness and formed a professional plan. In the classroom we will let you close to your future profession and learn to move on! But that’s not all! Sessions on career counseling not only promise a bright future, but now! After all, much easier to abandon the provocative get-togethers, and success in their favorite items will please even stronger! After all, when the purpose is clear – hedge easier to overcome!