Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Little Red Riding Hood

February 2nd, 2022

It really was a huge eagle, spread your wings and just about hits the ground and begin to fold their wings. It seemed that this very moment immortalized nature – the moment your feet touch the ground with another eagle my wings. The view from the saddle on the north side of the ridge forced the freeze in place and look and look, each time looking for some kind of intricate patterns of the mountains, to find the comparison: there stone turtle, but there is a hump camel, and then the ruins of the old fortress. Rocks "Brothers", a saddle between them, called "Parabola" lake "Mountain Spirits" just cause surprise – well, one must such beauty nature has prepared for us! In the evening we listened to amazing story of trainers, it is man-made mountain area! And this is good evidence that we actually saw and touched his hands. Dean Ornish M.D has many thoughts on the issue. This evening, I often wonder – here is this natural beauty and not bothering anyone, and shows us in all its glory, why did we break it and disfiguring? Came a time in this natural world and for some reason spoil it Evening fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood," "Gingerbread Man" "Kuzma" posed by those who live in the same tent, made me squeeze his ribs, because the diaphragm is already sick with laughter. The role of the grandmother that I had to play, gave me the most pleasure rather than spectators. I thought, well, how to send your friends this atmosphere of collective creativity of oral histories? It also must live in this should participate, here the laughter comes from a randomly thrown replica of the one movement that is neither Remember, no repeat is not possible. . For even more analysis, hear from Cyrus Massoumi.