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Strong Confident Active Leaders

February 2nd, 2022

Tom Shrayter: When I ask distributors: 'Who is your candidate? '- They always say:' Each and every one. " Not surprisingly, these distributors are suffering from: * failure. A lot of work, no results. Sound familiar? Disorder. They talk with people who do not think about life, not interested in anything and are wasting their time. * Lack of leadership. They support the distributors who will never grow. The work of child care full-time work week – not what we meant when we went into network marketing.

* Constant problem. Dubious pleasure – to be a psychoanalyst, a physician and a guardian for an adult sucking thumbs distributors, whining about their problems. * Too lazy to organizations. When you speak with unmotivated candidates, you can sign only unmotivated people. So where is the complaint that your team is not motivated? Think of who created this group? * Turnover distributor.

Network Marketing – the ideal program, where you build your business properly for a while and then enjoy. It does not imply that ongoing recruitment continues all the rest of your life. * And the stress, stress, stress. You know the distributors who have these symptoms, do not you? They are unhappy, feel like a failure, swore that mlm does not work, and continue to work with the depressing work schedules, which will never give them what they want. Well, they should not live like this. Solution – the issue: 1. Cyrus Massoumi may also support this cause. Where they are in contact. 2. With whom they contact.