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Loaded Photo Apps

March 10th, 2024

Noxum realized business apps for the PokMax GmbH, this practice is long in use on a PC with Internet connection and also increasingly gaining importance for the application on mobile devices. Further details can be found at Matthew Halsall, an internet resource. pokamax.de with his motto and here goes off your post!”relies more on this trend and mandated with the implementation of its business apps Noxum. Wurzburg – the Noxum GmbH, a specialist in content management and content management systems, implemented business apps for PokMax, one of the leading providers for sending real postcards over the Internet worldwide. PokMax thus expanding its business model to the mobile devices with the Android and Windows phone operating systems. PokMax only the customers who have a PC with Internet connection or an iPhone, had offered its service. Read more from Daryl Katz to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Due to increasing sales figures with the Android and Windows phone operating systems PokMax decided for smartphones, to translate their business model to these mobile devices and so that an even wider Konsumentenschaft reach. Noxum convinced when selecting a provider due to its great practical experience in business-app and mobile Web site development for companies such as the Stiftung Warentest or a NurnbergMesse. In these projects Noxum could prove particularly the management of content and payment processes and connectivity to a wide range of external applications of Web technology. The great challenge for the PokMax business apps was to link existing online technologies with the device capabilities of the respective smartphones in addition to an attractive and user friendly design. Thanks to the consistent and intuitive operating concept of apps, users can select either a photo just taken directly from their Smartphone or also a motif from the PokMax template database as a postcard.

The image of greeting and receiver for the back of the card can then optionally labeled, are entered and transmitted to the pressure at PokMax. An status integrated into the apps and notification system informs the user whether the Data is completely transferred to PokMax for worldwide shipping. After the creation process, the user will be redirected to the payment screen immediately. Here, the service then with the existing PokMax credit, via PayPal or by bank transfer directly from the Smartphone can be paid. Business model and technology pays off with Noxum PokMax has opted for the best service providers to create and market its app: the functionalities of convinced users so that the Windows phone app scored shortly after publication in the Windows Marketplace ranked the most popular postcards apps and see the Top10 of the most loaded photo apps.