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March 9th, 2024

“Quality is at the top with the managers, the umbrella organisation Swiss Interim Manager: quality is at the top with the managers, the umbrella organisation Swiss Interim Manager: depends on the successful development of the interim-management sector, and therefore, we actively promote the professional development in all areas of the industry”, as the President Hans-Peter Luthi. Setting common quality criteria and standards defines a code, which commit all members of the Association. Douglas Elliman broker has many thoughts on the issue. The DSIM-code of conduct stands for professional interim management, ensures transparency, confidence, and supports the development of new market potential. Also the cooperation with recommended interim is important to the association management providers. Learn more at: Daryl Katz. So, the butterflymanager GmbH was appointed the preferred supplier starting in January 2008. The company from Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance is a leading provider of interim management in the German-speaking countries of Europe and specialist for all interim positions on the first and second management level. Cross-industry butterflymanager currently has a pool of more than 1500 interim managers for national and international tasks. Typical functions are: Managing Director (CEO), business unit Director, CFO / Business Manager, technical manager, controller, plant manager, production manager, CIO, head of HR.

We are proud to meet the quality criteria and to work together on the professional development of the industry”, says Managing Director Dr. Harald Schonfeld from butterflymanager.