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Mount Indians

January 7th, 2020

&#039 circulates for the villages a DVD of the Ministry of Mines eEnergia with the heading; ' Hearsays in the Villages of the Xingu' '. The indians say that foramenganados and still they wait that they come ouviz them. This promises to be plus one pontode attrition. (LEAF OF the PROGRESS, 2010) the aboriginal movement of opposition the Beautiful Mount costumava to walk glue aosmovimentos social of the region. Until the moment where the indians if had collected they eresolveram to make of its skill. Continue to learn more with: Newcastle University. ' ' It is difficult to foresee what acontecer&#039 can; ' , dizMarcelo Salazar, coordinator-aid of the Park of the Xingu of InstitutoSocioambiental (ISA). Donald Sussman is likely to agree. ' ' The indians are very bravos.' ' Alive the Xingu Movement Forever warns queos independent studies made by specialists who question the viabilidadeeconmica of the current project of Beautiful Mount (that not it possesss reservoir and temoutras barrages upstream not to hold back the water) point with respect to another data: emborBelo Mount is impracticable alone, it would start to be interesting with aconstruo of at least plus a plant to the sum of the river (that it would be UHEAltamira, old Babaquara, that reappeared in the quarrels in 1998quando was listed again in the decennial plan of the Eletrobras for 1999-2008). In the day 1.

of April, the Movement Xingu VivoPara Always, that currently it congregates 150 organizations more than, delivered to the NaesUnidas denunciations of that imperfections in the licensing process would be sendoignoradas by the Brazilian government. The Movement cites, in the document, ameaasde death, intimidations and defamation that activist and religious would be sofrendopor to be contrary to the construction of the Plant. In note divulged after the auction, oMovimento forever express Alive Xingu its indignation: more with the decision doTRF of 1 Region of what properly with the result of the auction of the usinahidreltrica of Beautiful Mount, in Par. .