Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Positioning Web Products

June 19th, 2020

Choice of keywords suitable for your web positioning in search engines. Before choosing keywords and phrases deveremos have encuanta some factors as class of users to seek our services and products? That way we sought and that degree of knowledge has our potential customer when doing a search in a search engine. Internet ay three classes of users, the inexperienced, the average expert and the expert. Do then as deveria focus on our strategy of key words and search term? Primarily known as an inexperienced user performs a search on the internet for a service, example, let’s suppose that our service is selling industrial cleaning products, the term used by a novice user would be cleaning products which the user is unknown this term so generic will return you thousands of results both relevant and irrelevant. Also this intermediate user who knows more widely how to perform searches more relevant, an example of a more relevant search, cleaning products This industrial term will return more relevant results from your service. After this the expert user which uses special search commands to highlight certain terms and words like cleaning products industry this term to search for exact words and phrases, the search engine will return the most relevant results that contain exactly this term highlighted with quotation marks. Ay many more commands such as affixing the sign + front of the term example + the world and only the world does not return the same results, also this command or can show pages that contain one word or another, intitle command will return in their results pages containing in its title the phrase or keyword specified. So we have encuanta? Deveremos take much everything mentioned and encontarar a balance between words generic and relevant and descriptive phrases of our services, deveras take into account that for a generic word such as cleaning products might not be the does term suitable to position it, why? very simple, are generic words which you containest a high degree of competence which makes it very difficult to position a web, furthermore take you much time and do not think that both fits your services. Deveras identify keywords generic that if deserve the sacrifice and effort in your web positioning as, industrial cleaning everything will depend on the services and products that you sell or provide through your website.