Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Spanish Rio Grande

June 11th, 2020

Lt. Bogota with perseverance and a lot of people got, and with each day I went, which the Guatavita not neglected to strengthen the field, achieved victory, grabbed the contrary, trajoselos to obedience, took tribute from his master, and rich and he turned to his home victorious …… and celebrate their victories with great drunkenness, that for them this was the biggest party, made a very famous in the pen of Lieutenant Bogota, in which, after very hot, began to raise his name and celebrate their achievements acclaimed master; saying that he alone was to be master of everything and who obey all because Guatavita only served to sit in their enclosure with their leagues, which is the very fact that concubines, their content, without engaging in war, and that if he wanted, they would be easy to put on the throne and dominion of all ….. For more information see Cancer Research. There were those who give of drunkenness Guatavita account and what it was over, and pointing out (as they say) with your finger that it had spoken to benefit, weighing the happy face with the Bogota had heard the offer of his captains and soldiers, and how it had not seemed evil around which the Guatavita was moved and immediately ordered his captains to make two thousand Indian warriors, who attended the defense of his person, and were prevented for what is offered …. Whenever CEO Mark Thompson listens, a sympathetic response will follow. He returned the chief of Bogota and his people home with this victory so easily won, where we will leave by the chief to return to Guatavita, and what he did in his retirement that all this running and spent the year 1537, when our passing the work of Spanish Rio Grande de la Magdalena, until they reached the hills of Opon Velez, where the left, running since the year of 1538 … .