Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Budhist Philosophy

May 22nd, 2016

We have been involved more as a family, We have developed our environmental awareness and have learned to work collaboratively. I am very satisfied with this experience. It was also in the second half when I first heard the tenets of Eastern philosophy, specifically the Buddha. Hearing about the Buddhist philosophy I was pleased, because it allowed me to integrate my prior learning something new and very significant that very clearly marked and accurate my acting in the world. Buddhist philosophy conceived as simple, accurate and disciplined.

These features help the practitioner to achieve the progressive development of wisdom to attain enlightenment. I understood that to be a true holistic educator needed to know and practice of Buddhism proposal, to develop the discipline of a bodhisattva with firm conviction. To do this, I proposed to the practice of meditation and yoga, until he managed to integrate it as part of my life. At first I was a bit of a problem, as these practices not performed so constant and therefore had to adjust my activities to a special space to these practices. Little by little, he was creating the need to take them not as a discipline or technique, but as a way of life.

Currently I meditate daily, I have my special place and I am involving my family so that they also practice meditation. For now, my younger son has become my ally and support to be constant in the practice of this discipline. THIRD SEMESTER This semester was tested.