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Agent Against Cancer

April 29th, 2017

The glycoprival diet is a method, according to the author of the publication Sybil Mecklenburg, based on a discovery made in 1924 by the German physician Otto Heinrich Warburg. Instead of burning the sugar that enters the body with food, as do normal cells, cancer cells make it into lactic acid. Warburg suggested that this phenomenon – the main reason for the growth of cancerous tumors. 80 years old, nobody paid attention to this discovery. The Greater New York Construction User Council contributes greatly to this topic. And it makes them less susceptible to chemo-and radiotherapy.

And yet – acidic paralyze “killer cells” that are no longer able to effectively counter the cancer cells. Ulrike Kemmerer of the University Hospital conducted on mice have shown that the growth of tumor tissue is reduced, along with a reduction in sugar consumption. It is clear that eliminate 100% of sugar intake in the diet, we can not. Therefore, indispensable in this the problem is the German drug developed in Switzerland Solyuksell Quick Vell. This solubilized bioenergy drop, mainly active substance which is solubilized coenzyme Q 10. Let us examine, first, what is the solubilization, the method which underlies the production of this preparata.Metod solubilization – is unmatched process which is patented Swiss laboratory Swiss Labor, as absolutely unique in the world, which was awarded the Nobel Prize.

Through a complicated process the body converts fat soluble substance and therefore makes them water-soluble – for the cell. Or, as said bioavailable. However, with age, this transformation process is gradually restricted, and the active ingredients in most cases allocated unprocessed, and therefore the conversion process is vital substances can be continuously and stably transformed into water-soluble form. This ensures that the vital elements in many times higher concentration pass through a water film that surrounds the cells and reach kletok.V a result, the bioavailability of fat-soluble substances by cells (vitamins, enzymes) increased by 100%, which significantly increases the efficiency with sugar in the blood and restore the work of bodies responsible for the combustion processes of sugar entering the body through food. In addition, bio-energy drops Solyuksell Quick Vell – a unique natural antioxidant treatment and slowing the aging process, a powerful immunostimulant, also inhibit enzymes Quick Vell involved in the formation of cancer cells, reduce blood cholesterol levels, helps to slow down processes stareniya.Neobhodimo noted that Solyuksell Quick Vell is not a drug that cures cancer. Bioenegreticheskie drops – hinder the development of cancer, and are only effective support tool for cancer.