Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Castor Bean Oil

March 7th, 2020

The castor bean oil is the originating oil of the plant ricinus communis, in its scientific name. This plant, that can reach the four meters, it is very common to find it in the gardens since it does not demand many cares or an ideal temperature. Professor Roy Taylor wanted to know more. It grows in all the warm zones of the globe and its culture is known from the antiquity. The fruit of this plant has globe form and is place setting with prongs, giving him the aspect of a sprocket wheel. Within this fruit we found three seeds, and separated of her the well-known toxin like ricina.

This toxin is highly lethal, since for one lethal dose is sufficient milligram. The derivative of the most popular plant is oil that is obtained from the seed, he is not toxic and it is made up of alcohol and vitamin E. The castor bean oil has many medicinal, aesthetic applications and industrial, among them we found: In the medicine: one of its more popular uses is like laxative. In old Egypt east oil was used like medicine with laxative effect. A simple dose of 10 and 30 ml, aid a to release to enzymes to the intestine, producing the effect wished in few hours. Although he is not recommendable for the treatment of the constipation because he is highly irritating. In the chemical industry: the applications of the oil of castor bean in the industry were developed years in the last and have surprised by their product effectiveness different.

During centuries was only known it like a laxative cash, but nobody could imagine the potential of the seed of castor bean like competitor of the petrochemical industry, since one of its characteristics recently open pies is its compatibility with polymers. At the moment is used it to make coverings, inks, sealants, paintings and lubricants among others. In the nutritional industry: it is very common to use it like addition or condiment. Also like mold inhibitor, to avoid contamination in the product and to allow a prolonged storage. Aesthetic applications: she is very well-known his effectiveness in the fortification of nails and eyelashes. Nowadays is used it to produce labial balsams and it is an ingredient in products for face cleaning and cosmetic caretaker. The castor bean oil sale wholesale has been a great height in the last years old because it is continued investigating its properties, and at world-wide level it has a permanent market, with more than seven hundred applications in all the branches of the industry.