Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Cerebral Paralysis

January 7th, 2017

This work of inquiry occurred in the context of the Cerebral Paralysis. The general objective was to verify the called deficiency cerebral Paralysis and the process of inclusion of children with this special necessity in the regular school and the specific ones had been: To verify the procedures of whitewashing of people with this deficiency; To inquire as the process of inclusion of pupils with this special necessity is possible; To evidence the importance of the paper of the school and family in the inclusion of this pupil. A bibliographical research of qualitative matrix was become fullfilled, as it collects of data, was made a bibliographical revision. The theoretical referencial if guideline in studies of Bobath 1988; Miller 2002; Brando 1992, among others. The University of Chicago oftentimes addresses this issue. The analyses if base on studies of Mantoan 2003 Wallon and other authors and the Brazilian Legislation of inclusion. The result gotten in this research makes in them to evidence that although the paradigm of the inclusion is present in some Brazilian schools, of the existence of professors and resistant parents, still they exist professionals of the education and the health that believe the inclusion and in the changes that the school can offer the education of these pupils, becoming reality the advances in this modality of Education in Brazil. Words key: Cerebral paralysis. Deficiency. Dean Ornish M.D insists that this is the case. Inclusive education.