Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Developing Human In Venezuela

July 26th, 2013

Carlos Mora vanegas President Hugo Chavez before the constant pronouncement, that all efforts should be to bring its basic objective of instituting a socialism of the 21st century, the Bolivarian revolution can not neglect that represents its plans, be attentive with regard to all those strategies, investigations, actions, commitment to step in once and for all commitments that unfortunately previous Governments did not give relevanceto promote the human development of the country. Our vision, more than a political compromise, ideology, themes that deserve further analysis, it is the stress which represents human development, more in a contaminated Venezuela’s uncertainty, transition, facing changes what its inhabitants were not prepared, put its political history never be had pervaded with a Government’s socialist leanings. Human development refers to changes that human beings suffer throughout his life, as an umbrella term that involves maturation the body, its structures and body growth, as well as the influence of the environment. It involves not only the growth of the organism, nor nor only the maturation of certain functions, but rather contemplates the existence of certain environmental conditions that stimulate or impair this development and, at the same time, they present situations that humans must confront, modify or changed, fix, adapt, transform and transform as part of this process of human development. Comentapnud.org.ve/ that the issue of regional and local development acquired greater importance in Venezuela as a result of the reforms about decentralization initiated in 1989. UNDP started in 1999 the validation of a strategy for the sustainable human development Local (DHSL) which was extended by four years to 22 municipalities in Venezuela. This strategy resulted in the production of a set of conceptual guidelines and methodological tools to facilitate the implementation of the DHSL. The strategy of the Local human development constitutes a systematic way of intervene in poor communities expanding opportunities of persons through training and organization for local development, by simultaneously encouraging the conclusion of different development agents for taking advantage of the strengths of the social, cultural, economic, environmental and political conditions of the territories.