Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Hospital Psychologist

January 16th, 2017

In this diverse institucional context, the necessary hospital psychologist to congregate to know stops beyond psychology, therefore he goes to intervine and to mediate conflicts of seriously ill patients (interned in infirmaries, CTI, Soon Aid), in its relation with the illness and its difficulties. It needs to be somebody that goes to facilitate the relationship enters the team of the hospitalal, and this with the patient and its family. It requires therefore a professional whom she knows to make good handling of the relations to tie and that she has supported pains and she distresses of who if it perceives interned in a hospital. To broaden your perception, visit The Cleveland Clinic. For Rodrigues (2003) hospital Psychology is a set of scientific contributions that the different ones you discipline psychological supply to better give assistance to the patients in the hospital. INTERFACES OF the BIOTICA WITH HOSPITAL PSYCHOLOGY Considering that the psychologist is part of a multiprofessional team inside of a hospital, seem us important that the same inserted and it is worried in being for this team an agent of linking of these with the sick person and its family, facilitating the communication, the humanizao, the knowledge of each one for the other. Having the team as base it goes to facilitate the interactive relation of this with the patient so that it can if beneficiardo treatment with confidence and security. It is not enough to be good theoretician and to have good handling of the techniques psychological, becomes necessary a professional with ampler boardings and real interest for people, mainly those that are part of its routine of work.

A professional who inspires confidence and with good resources for a convivncia that instituido professional exceeds knowing. In accordance with Sinner (2007), without confidence does not exist life. The clinical Biotica, as well as Psychology, ‘ ‘ …