Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Oliveira Rasps

March 19th, 2017

If it does not arrest in the proper trap. The fact to place in the exterior world the responsibility for its amarguras, beyond not brightening up its pain, does not take off it the responsibility for the life that is taking a bitterness letter – Shayeny Pieroni a bitterness kissed took me account of me. Eye as if everything were bitter taste, breathe as if everything was lost. I feel the heat of one day agoniante Today I do not want to believe nothing, am fragile to accept any thing, am with fear Nothing I make today me to smile, who make I could me I left to smile me to suffer, I embedded myself, for today do not look at me, do not only speak with me. I did not find no remedy, does not exist no remedy All my good memory had been broken, are not more being so happy thus It is confortante to close the eyes and to dream, to dissimulate, if to delude with its more interior desires Please it has waked up nobody me, please! I am suffering for one I hug But to feel that sensation not to be alone, the protection heat Ah! As many things that it would like to feel now! I only feel the heat of my blanket, light launched of air passing for it, my tears draining my face and wetting my pillow, my heart in a pain mixture, and my bed to sink makes look like, I is feeling me my body to fall, until where? Please It saves me of this immense desperation, does not allow that my heart if drowns in this agonioso and torturoso intense sea, at this moment of bitterness! It thinks! Who surpasses the bitterness, surpasses itself without being exactly surpassed.

To reflect: ' ' One becomes lago' '. Cardiologist describes an additional similar source. (unknown author) ' ' The old Master asked for to a sad young that colocasse' '. A full hand of salt in one cup d' water and drank. – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' the Master asked. – ' ' Ruim' ' the apprentice said. The Master smiled and asked for to the young that caught another full hand of salt and led to a lake. The two had walked in silence and the young played the salt in the lake, then the old one said: – ' ' gua&#039 drinks a little of this; '.

While the water drained of the chin of the young, the Master asked: – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' – ' ' Good! ' ' the youngster said. – ' ' You feel the taste of the salt? ' ' The Master asked. – ' ' No' ' it said the young. – The Master then seated to the side of the young, caught its hand and said: – ' ' Pain in the life of a person is inevitable. But the flavor of pain depends on we place where it. Then, when you to suffer, the only thing that you must make are to increase the perception of the good things that you have in the life. It leaves of being a cup. Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps? psychologist email: c_lima_psico@ yahoo.com.br hotmail: blog: