Addis Ababa Medical College – Hargeisa Branch

Public Hospitals Shortcomings

January 23rd, 2017

Modern humanity understands that health should be given more and more attention. Many of the besieged spetsliteraturoy learned to diagnose certain symptoms of certain diseases, they know the name of the clinic, which can be accessed when needed. Here are just a little, at first glance, a nuance: if the company name with the word clinic – this is not a guarantee of competence of the uchrezhdeniya.Lechenie in any case starts with a diagnosis – it is unbreakable law, violation of which is severely punished. In the conveyor facilities, in an "abortion clinics" doing at least tests – to verify the pregnancy and general, not particularly informative analysis. In the right clinic – before the diagnosis and, of course, before you start treatment – even in the most urgent cases is carried out the necessary range of diagnostic meropriyatiy.V vysokoprofesionalnye most clinics, for example – Moscow clinic, work on a wide profile, they are doctors of different directions. Respectively, and their own institutions can offer a full range medical care – from treating the stomach to treat gastritov.V any case, with serious health problems should seek only to specialized medical facilities – they work closely on a narrow spectrum of diseases organs and systems of the human body. For example, if a diagnostic center, then have a first aid course they can, but in my profile they are most kompetentny.Takzhe should always pay attention to recommendations of the institution. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is often quoted as being for or against this. After all, colorful advertisements in many cities, and is governed solely characteristics of people who already used the services of a hospital. And no matter what names and titles or hung on the facade of the international medical center, medical center or child – first is always to understand the level of literacy and competence of individual doctors or spetsialista.Smozhet he make a differential diagnosis? Has the proper treatment? After all, there are more cases where human health is suffering because of someone's ignorance. After all, if an acute process in the body in time not seen or not recognized by the doctor – hronicheky process with a clear conscience can go into a chronic course.