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ROI Social

April 26th, 2018

Social agents must be well trained and highly qualified, to avoid a negative impact by false reactions. Can counteract already in the selection and recruitment of suitable candidates this problem: the selection of technology-affine service agents with excellent writing and social communication skills. To provide optimum customer service over the Web, the social need to understand beyond sector-specific expressions, as well as common online abbreviations agent about it. So social media activities can be cost-effective to implement offshore and with progressive development increasingly location independent. Text-based interaction channels, social media platforms and chat language, dialect and accent problems, as they arise in the language-based customer service, dropped also completely. ROI: Hard facts instead of old computational models a good, professional Web engagement offers added value not only for the consumers, but also ensures a solid and measurable ROI. This is usually determined by a comparison, where the costs of social interaction on a social media platform compared those of another channel.

Most companies assume that customer service email the lowest costs and brings the highest ROI. Agents can manipulate more than 30 emails per hour on average. Six to eight phone calls are. But this theoretical calculation won’t usually in practice. So more emails can be processed in less time, for three to five vote loops are also in the section up to the final A customer request is required.

In some cases, the customer is already after the first email and dodging on the phone so on the channel, which is usually the most expensive. Thus the ROI calculation is relatively difficult, because it stems from the wasted cost of the unsuccessful mail and the cost of the subsequent a combination. The bad experience of the customer is also not to be neglected, even if it is difficult to quantify. And the winner is… At this point, the strengths of customer support via social media come fully to fruition. Official site: Preventive Medicine Research Institute.