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Mental Upheaval

April 5th, 2017

The mental upheavals and of the behavior are clinically significant problems that if characterize for an alteration in ways to act, of giving with the other or an alteration to it of mental functions. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), is understood as mental and mannering upheavals the conditions characterized for unhealthy alterations to think or of the mood and the behavior associates to the expressive anguish or deterioration of global the psychic functioning. An abnormal behavior or a short period of abnormality does not mean that a person has a mental upheaval or of behavior. Heart Specialist will not settle for partial explanations. So that an upheaval is considered, these behaviors must persistent (generally more than 6 months) and cause certain functional disturbance in the individual. A person can also modify its behaviors for emotional or social reasons, as for example, a depressed state and a depression, the depressed state appears for a situation or one determined estressante circumstance, while the depression is an illness and needs to be treated. In one it searches done in 2008 for the Brazilian Association of Psiquiatria (ABP), 23 million Brazilians suffer from some mental upheaval (about of 12% of the Brazilians) and at least 5 million (3%) suffer with serious and persistent mental upheavals. Although the politics of mental health prioritizes the illnesses more serious as schizophrenia and the bipolar upheaval, the illnesses most common in atendimentos of mental health are the depression, the anxiety and the upheaval of adjustment. Exactly with all this amount of people who suffer with mental upheaval, exists 1,513 CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention) in Brazil that badly they are distributed, in Amazon has 3 million inhabitants and only 4 CAPS, of the 27 Brazilian states, only Paraba and Sergipe have capacity to take care of to the parameter of a unit for each 100 a thousand inhabitants. The mental upheavals are identified and diagnosised for clinical methods similar to the used ones for physical upheavals, if it makes an interview with the patient and with other people including its family, a clinical examination to verify the mental state and its organic conditions, and the examinations that necessary to prove the existence of the upheaval.

Oliveira Rasps

March 19th, 2017

If it does not arrest in the proper trap. The fact to place in the exterior world the responsibility for its amarguras, beyond not brightening up its pain, does not take off it the responsibility for the life that is taking a bitterness letter – Shayeny Pieroni a bitterness kissed took me account of me. Eye as if everything were bitter taste, breathe as if everything was lost. I feel the heat of one day agoniante Today I do not want to believe nothing, am fragile to accept any thing, am with fear Nothing I make today me to smile, who make I could me I left to smile me to suffer, I embedded myself, for today do not look at me, do not only speak with me. I did not find no remedy, does not exist no remedy All my good memory had been broken, are not more being so happy thus It is confortante to close the eyes and to dream, to dissimulate, if to delude with its more interior desires Please it has waked up nobody me, please! I am suffering for one I hug But to feel that sensation not to be alone, the protection heat Ah! As many things that it would like to feel now! I only feel the heat of my blanket, light launched of air passing for it, my tears draining my face and wetting my pillow, my heart in a pain mixture, and my bed to sink makes look like, I is feeling me my body to fall, until where? Please It saves me of this immense desperation, does not allow that my heart if drowns in this agonioso and torturoso intense sea, at this moment of bitterness! It thinks! Who surpasses the bitterness, surpasses itself without being exactly surpassed.

To reflect: ' ' One becomes lago' '. Cardiologist describes an additional similar source. (unknown author) ' ' The old Master asked for to a sad young that colocasse' '. A full hand of salt in one cup d' water and drank. – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' the Master asked. – ' ' Ruim' ' the apprentice said. The Master smiled and asked for to the young that caught another full hand of salt and led to a lake. The two had walked in silence and the young played the salt in the lake, then the old one said: – ' ' gua&#039 drinks a little of this; '.

While the water drained of the chin of the young, the Master asked: – ' ' Which is the taste? ' ' – ' ' Good! ' ' the youngster said. – ' ' You feel the taste of the salt? ' ' The Master asked. – ' ' No' ' it said the young. – The Master then seated to the side of the young, caught its hand and said: – ' ' Pain in the life of a person is inevitable. But the flavor of pain depends on we place where it. Then, when you to suffer, the only thing that you must make are to increase the perception of the good things that you have in the life. It leaves of being a cup. Dr Claude de Oliveira Rasps? psychologist email: c_lima_psico@ yahoo.com.br hotmail: blog:

Hospital Psychologist

January 16th, 2017

In this diverse institucional context, the necessary hospital psychologist to congregate to know stops beyond psychology, therefore he goes to intervine and to mediate conflicts of seriously ill patients (interned in infirmaries, CTI, Soon Aid), in its relation with the illness and its difficulties. It needs to be somebody that goes to facilitate the relationship enters the team of the hospitalal, and this with the patient and its family. It requires therefore a professional whom she knows to make good handling of the relations to tie and that she has supported pains and she distresses of who if it perceives interned in a hospital. To broaden your perception, visit The Cleveland Clinic. For Rodrigues (2003) hospital Psychology is a set of scientific contributions that the different ones you discipline psychological supply to better give assistance to the patients in the hospital. INTERFACES OF the BIOTICA WITH HOSPITAL PSYCHOLOGY Considering that the psychologist is part of a multiprofessional team inside of a hospital, seem us important that the same inserted and it is worried in being for this team an agent of linking of these with the sick person and its family, facilitating the communication, the humanizao, the knowledge of each one for the other. Having the team as base it goes to facilitate the interactive relation of this with the patient so that it can if beneficiardo treatment with confidence and security. It is not enough to be good theoretician and to have good handling of the techniques psychological, becomes necessary a professional with ampler boardings and real interest for people, mainly those that are part of its routine of work.

A professional who inspires confidence and with good resources for a convivncia that instituido professional exceeds knowing. In accordance with Sinner (2007), without confidence does not exist life. The clinical Biotica, as well as Psychology, ‘ ‘ …

Iberian Indians

October 18th, 2016

Some encomiendados studies tell in such a way that of this group it more than did not remain ten percent of the original population, destroyed for the intensity of the enslaved work how much for the varied illnesses brought for the conquerors. After this, these peoples had lost its characteristics and had left to concentrate themselves next to the populations tamers. The colonizadores had congregated thousand of aboriginals to the society do not stop being part of the same one, but yes to be enslaved until the death, exploring them as crossbows feras of loads, to all how many they could be assumen. Thus it was throughout the centuries, a time that each front of expansion that if opened on a new land, had a primitive tribe there. According to Ribeiro (1995), he was done immediately a source of captive slaves and immediately captured women for the agricultural work, and also for gestation of children and domestic tasks. Meli (1979) points that it had a group called missioneiros indians that came across with the shelter of the colonial fury in the reduction of the Portuguese, Jesuit and Spanish missionaries.

During certain time, although the great efforts so that the indians if converted, still obtained of disfarada form to multiply culturally. The author (they idem) had as objective to tell and to understand the history of the Guarani people by means of the catequeses and searched to understand what he occurred when the indians if converted. With the end of the reductions and, consequently, with the withdrawal of the Jesuits of the Iberian colonies, the Guarani missioneiros constantly was finished by violent expeditions of capture carried through by the So Paulo bandeirantes and the greed of the Spanish encomiendeiros.

Signs Of The Zodiac

June 23rd, 2014

Signs of the Zodiac – the concept of astrology is very conditional. With real constellations they have common names, but the concept of the zodiacal constellations and zodiac sign are quite different. Signs of the Zodiac – it's 1 / 12 of the ecliptic (the annual trajectory of the Sun on the terrestrial sky relative to the stars). Thus, the length of one zodiac sign is exactly 30 degrees. The starting point of the zodiacal circle is the vernal equinox, the real whose position relative to stars is changing at a rate of about 50 'per year. The first sign of the zodiac is Aries. In the sign the Sun and moves at the time of vernal equinox – this time as the beginning of the astronomical year.

Signs of the Zodiac, representing a single entity, are classified by the elements and forms of expression. Go to the elements of fire are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Go to the elements of water – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. By air disaster – Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. By the Sign of the Earth – and Virgo. Fire signs are talking about the activity, initiative, assertiveness, water – about the emotion and depth.

Earth signs are responsible for practicality, all earthly things. Air signs are associated with the information and any kind of exchange. The shape of display signs are divided into cardinal – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, permanent-Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and choppy – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. The cardinal signs are characterized by activity manifestations, the energy, a penchant for action. Constants represent a balance of conflicting forces (are energy reservoirs of the Zodiac). Unstable signs symbolize the state of instability, impermanence (conciliators universe as constantly moving from radical to fixed and vice versa). To describe a particular zodiac sign to synthesize a description of the elements and forms. For example Aries – the sign of fiery and radical, Taurus – a fixed and earth, fish – water, volatile. Therefore, the essential qualities of Aries is assertive, proactive and sloknnost to action, Taurus – stubborn and practical, while Pisces characterized by emotional depth, but mood and some variability.

On Death and Dying

May 13th, 2014

The thoughts or feelings unchained in the nurses, in the presence of the death of a patient, vary very between the different people, also vary very between different moments of one same person. They can be confused feelings painful, calm and placid, raging and rancorosos, rational and logical, and so on. At last, they are feelings of the most varied tonalities. This everything can mean that the death, in itself, can represent something total different between the different people, and total different at different times of the life of one same person. In a general way, deducting the defenses of the reflections zen, the transcendentais meditations and all luck of subterfuges of the fear and the fear of the nothing, the idea of the death sends in them to the loss feelings, therefore, in thesis, awaken the painful feelings. One is about a psychic species of pain, which many times also finishes generating physical pains, or creating an incompressible dynamics for who to the life it continues smiling. From what it was searched, the subject death is more present, either a fear of it, either to the will of that it accidentally happens or, more serious, under the form of suicidal ideao.

Of any form, it is thought about the death and, as it could not leave of being, it folloies painful feelings. This is a psychic pain, of course moved for feelings of sadness, finitude, fear, abandonment, fragility and unreliability. In the species human being the psychic pain ahead of the death can be considered physiological, but its duration, intensity and resolution go to depend, very probably, of as the person tried the life. During the phase of confrontation of the death, the nurse is stimulated the deep reflections on the proper life, if it its trajectory of life was satisfactory, if it had some emotional development, if it can create strong and permanent affective bonds, if it can assist to other human beings.